Van Build Services

We have merged with another local company and are now located at in Jacksonville!

The most common things we do for fellow builders are:

Full Van Build Packages
Van Electrical Wiring
Aluminum Bed Frame Fabrication
Espar Heater Installation
Window Installation With Trim Rings
Roof Racks
Solar Installation
Vent Fan Installation
Aluminum Bed frame, cabinet frame, and furniture fabrication

We also are more than happy to do a full build for you as well!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with a part of the build, we can help out.  Van Go Outdoors specializes in helping you do stages of your build in order to take the stress of the unknown or confusing out of the process.  From the electrical systems, to interior framing buildout, aftermarket part installation, or even just a consultation session, we are here to help.

We would always rather help a DIY builder get further on their project than take it over.  It is important that you are involved with as much as possible.  This is why we try to make it easy to get through the hard parts, while being educated in what is happening.

Let us help you make your dream van a reality!

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