Alu-Cab Shadow Awning Initial Thoughts

The Alucab USA Shadow awning is pretty damn awesome.

Alucab Awning

Rear most bracket for awning

That is my initial thought of it.  However, it did take me awhile to get to that point. This is hands down, one of the hardest awnings to mount to anything.  The biggest issue is the hinge, directly at the rear of the awning has to be supported.  Without this, it will not support its own weight torsionally.  The Rhinorack Foxwing can be mounted by two points, because it relies on poles to hold itself up.  As long as you have a way to make sure this hinge is mounted, you are good to go!
Alucab Awning

Past that slightly large issue of mounting, this thing is amazing.  I ordered it from where Rin was quick to answer all my questions.  I placed the order and it got here just a couple days after.  Who says Amazon prime are the only fast shippers?

Alucab AwningIt came in with no damage and i quickly mounted it up.  Had to modify the rack i made to add that hinge mount, and it was good to go.  Took about two hours to weld on the pole, and mount it all up.  The cover has to be put on before you install the awning.  You have to mark and cut the holes while making sure is plenty of tension on the awning cover so it doesn’t sit weird.

That is really the hardest part.  After that, it’s gravy with your baby.  Awning deploys in almost zero time.  Under 45 minutes from the time you park.

Get this thing.  That’s all there is to it

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