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With the slight annoyances of having to pack everything up for camping, I really wanted an all in one solution. That didn’t involve stuff being in an action packer, a separate table etc.
2016 Toyota Tacoma

The entire unit is made from great materials.  All Aluminum, composite materials, nice stainless hardware and plastic latches and caps.  Alot of little details are thought out very well and the storage is ample.  The Partner stove and GCI Bugaboo Large fits in quite well
2016 Toyota Tacoma

The Trail Kitchen (normal size) Came out perfect for me.
I am able to fit all my cooking supplies, plates and bowls, MSR windburner and miscellaneous items.  The biggest feature to me, is the silverware drawer.
2016 Toyota Tacoma

I have left this whole thing, in the back of the truck for the better part of two months with little to no issues.  While there isn’t a seal system to speak of, It did a decent job of keeping out dust and water through the beach, trails and daily driving with rain.  I am Quite happy with it!
Amelia Island Beach Camping

WIth the option to deploy the prep tables, or not, use it quickly with just the surface that is on top, have everything on board s you aren’t ever hunting for anything, it really makes it a great choice.

They are a bit expensive at 699.  But the design and materials instill the confidence that it will last for a huge amount of time.  No rust issues or rot, and very sturdy and well built!



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