The trek to get the camper!

Ive had a couple people message and ask about details of the truck, so i figured id do a post here for you?

First post is just gonna be the documentation of the pickup, then ill go into all the supporting mods

We left on Weds the 19th of July to head up to PA.
We stayed in Easton PA at a small ass hotel that was super janky in anticipation of the next day. We woke up bright and early to a continental breakfast and headed out. We were about 20 minutes form OK4wd. Went and saw Rin and company over there to pick up a few things before heading down to West Chester PA To go to Mainline overland.

Made the two hour trip to Mainline Overland through some pretty awesome roads where we got the Fleet Slide In camper installed!

From there we made our way to Philly, with the pretty much exclusive reason to get a cheese steak at Dalessandro’s. Realized just how ridiculously awesome the truck looks parked on the streets.

After that we hopped back in the truck and drove a bit, then camped in a walmart parking lot for the first night.

Wife super duper approves of the camper, which makes it all that much better

The next morning we headed into DC and had some fun.
But first we stopped by Baltimore for some coffee and foods

The Zoo first, then the air and space museum, then a bus ride tour of the city!

From there we hit our camp spot for the night just outside of DC

So we left off with camping just outside of D.C.
We both really enjoyed the day in Washington, as we have been meaning to go for a while. very worthwhile trip indeed.

From there, we wanted to hit the blue ridge parkway. The wife was originally supposed to go to expo east with me, but she can’t due to work. In that light, let’s roll!

It was about 3 hours out of the way, but then we also got to stop by and see our friends Matt from Blue ridge overland gear, and Jason from Mountain State Overland. Well worth the drive

We were tipped off about a killer camp spot on the side of the blue ridge parkway, up some offroad trails off FS152 i believe. Turned out an outback had occupied the spot, so we were denied :/

Decided to descend into Bedford VA from there, and stay at Matts farm!

He was an awesome host and came out and chilled with us for a while. Jason stopped by after some white water canoeing and hung out for a couple hours. It was cool talking about the upcoming releases of MSO. I love those guys. I can always respect a hustler.

Shitty picture, but we also found mini horses on the way out

Last stop was a quick tour of the Blue Ridge Overland gear shop. These guys are an amazing company. Quality products all made in house with awesome people. Reaffirms why I love their stuff, and use a ton of it.

anyways. Thats about the end of the trip. Just 10 hours of driving back. Hell of a weekend!

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