The start of the EveryMan Van

I am naming it this because i got really annoyed with seeing all these halfass conversions that people are trying to sell for 80-100k and I think I can do better.

Goal is to build and be done with this by mid Feb for sale

The Van-
2018 144″ 2wd Cargo. No windows, minor options

The Plan-
Without compromising on the quality of components and materials Build a budget camper that Has all the things (almost) I put into my vans, at a killer price. We plan to make one every 4-6 weeks.

General Parts list:
Dometic Sink and stove unit
2 6 gallon water tanks under sink for fresh and grey water
Adventure Wagon Kit
2 Roof Fans
Laminate flooring
Seat Swivels
200 watts of solar
Solar Controller
queen mattress
Dometic CFX 50 and slide
CRL T window
All aluminum construction bed, galley, slider cabinet etc Powdercoated white in this van
Solid Wood cabinet faces and drawers with a light grey stain
And more!

Van is ordered and on the way, along with all the parts.
I’ll be updating the thread (of course), as well as doing some live streams of the build so you guys can talk **** while I work!

If you are interested in this van, and want to get in on the start, so you can choose flooring, colors, powdercoat colors, countertops…..shoot me an email! . You can also sign up for the newsletter that we will be keeping up with!

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