Everyman Van EV1

The “Everyman Van” (or woman!)

SOLD!. Ready for your Spring Time Adventure

We are proud to be offering a “spec” buildout of new model sprinters (2018+) for you to get into camping, traveling and having fun!
These vans will include:
Mercedes Sprinter Cargo 2wd Van
200 watts of Renogy solar
Adventure Wagon Interiors light colored fabric
Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
Aluminum Interior Components:
Wheel well covers
Bed Platform
Entry Way Trim Panels
Fridge slide mounted cabinet with drawer
Galley Unit with 3 drawers, 2 doors
3 Upper Cabinets (exchangeable for Soft sided Upper Cabinets)
Laminate cabinet doors in Bamboo Finish
Dometic Stove/sink combo
Galley includes:
Plug and play to a 12v source
Water Pump
1lb Propane Tank holder
All Plumbing and propane regulator
12v Water pump
2 5 Gallon Tanks
Quick Disconnect for water tank
Switch for Water Pump
Ability to mount Lagun table already engineered, just add table and mount
Dometic CFX50 Fridge unit
Dometic CFX50 Slide
Alpine Mechanism Seat Swivels where applicable
AMAuto Bonded Sliding Passenger window with screen
LED lighting overhead lighting with red option, dimmable
12v, usb plugs throughout.
Ctek DC to DC charger under driver seat
Ctek Bluetooth Battery Monitor
100AH Renogy AGM Battery under passenger seat, optionally in engine bay (required for heater installation)
All Marine grade wire
2 Maxxair Fans with remote control
Queen size bed


This page is continually updated.  If you are interested in making a deposit on this van and choosing the remaining finishes and layout, please email Grant@VanGoOutdoors.com



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If you would like to keep up with this build or are interested in purchase at the beginning of March, please fill out the form below!

This van is the first in a series of vans we like to call, “The Everyman Van”.  We are trying to keep the costs down, and the value for dollar up to give you hands down the best option you can get at that price.  While most other builders offer a bare bones van with a bed at this price, we will give you all brand name and reputable Dometic appliances, a sink, stove, queen size bed, solar, and all aluminum interior construction. .

It all starts with pallets of quality parts.  Dometic CFX50, Dometic sink and stove combo, Dometic Faucet, Dometic Slide.  Then we sourced some side slider windows for over the galley on the driver side from AMAuto (we are also now an authorized dealer have a few in stock in St. Augustine, FL), as well as a full Adventure Wagon Interior kit for the van!

Untitled Untitled

From there the fun starts!
So far on the build as of Jan 27, 2019, we have stripped the entire interior out including the headliner.  Applied Hushmat to all the surfaces. Then the Adventure Wagon Electrical system was routed.  We are also adding in a few more circuits for the water pump, reading lights and solar system as well.

Then the L track system is installed.  This involves a ton of holes to ensure secure mounting throughout the van.  Quite possibly the strongest track system you will get for your Sprinter!
Also managed to get the cutout for the AMAuto Slider window, and the MAxxair Fans cut out and installed!
All the openings are always filed for burrs, and painted to ensure no corrosion will happen further down the road.
At this point, we will put in the 3m thinsulate insulation and start putting up the walls!
Also are working on designing the cabinets!

Stay tuned!
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All of the insulation is installed and laid out.  The side window is installed and looking perfect!  Next up is to pick out the flooring, router the floor and throw it back in, then put the walls in!

Over the weekend the van should assemble very quickly and we can start fabricating the bed and cabinets!
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2/1/19 – 2/7/19

The floor we chose for this van is a nice light grey oak Lifeproof Vinyl flooring for a high end selection that ensures years of problem free use.  Waterproof, rubber backing and solid core reinforces that there will be no squeaks, no expansion issues and super durable for adventures.
The installation starts with removing the factory floor from the van, and setting it up outside of the van.  Then we lay the new floor on top of it and use a trim router to ensure a perfect factory fit, including factory D rings to make the van usable still!  Never know when you need to haul some cargo around!

Untitled Untitled
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You can also see in the pictures the Adventure wagon interior progression.

Which leads us up to current.
The halfway mark has been reached. To those of you who are on the email list, we will be sending out an email with some details and timelines so if you are interested, you can come on board and get the van of your dreams! Estimated completion date (pending powdercoat and wood guy) is March 1.

The electrical system is complete with the Ctek DC to DC charger installed on a custom mount using existing studs under the driver seat. All 1/0 Marine Grade Ancor wire, hydraulically crimped terminals, and marine grade heat shrink have been used for battery connections.
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The full interior is installed and we are gearing up for the fabrication portion with the galley, upper cabinets, bed and fridge cabinet. Stay tuned for more!

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Update as of March 16, 2019
All the aluminum structures are built and waiting on a cabinet maker.  Upper cabinets are not pictured, but I will update soon 🙂
Swivels are in
Wiring is done

There has been a bit of a delay with the biggest issue being a cabinet face supplier.  I wanted to be able to provide the best product I can with the budget set, and I think we have it!  A fantastic company out of Jacksonville, Superior Millwork Company to make an AWESOME interior finishing system that will last.  We use a laminate face to create a beautiful finished look.  As in all our vans. the only wood on the items we build are the cabinet faces and drawers, this is no different!  This van is slated to have a Gloss Black powdercoated frame with a Bamboo Laminate finish.  Check out the progress!  By the end of this weekend, the van should be about 90% ready to go!  If you are interested, NOW is the time to hop in!

Untitled Untitled
Wheel Well Boxes completed

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Upper Cabinet Test Fit

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Galley mockup, buildout and testing. Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Welded, one piece aluminum trim piece

Untitled Full interior set out, ready to go to powdercoat! Untitled
Untitled Amazing Work on the faces!!!! Today all the parts were picked up from powdercoat, and the assembly begins! The bed is a queen size layout, front to back, with extremely tight door to bed spacing to ensure no room is lost! Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

Bed is built from 1x2x18 aluminum, then skinned in an 1/8″ composite aluminum layer with 3m Trimlock around the edges for safety.