Kinsmen Hardware Sprinter Shower Door Mount

The Bracket you NEED to install the BEST shower on your sprinter. 

Designed to mount above your head (if you are 6’4″ or shorter) via rivnuts and included hardware. 

1. Measure from level ground to a point on the door you would like to mount the bracket. Make sure you mark both sides to ensure the bracket is level to the ground as your door opens slanted. It is suggested to cover the area with tape so you can make reference marks. 
2. Place bracket where you made your marks and mark the 5 holes to be drilled. 
3. Drill to install the included 10-32 rivnuts. Remove tape and paint holes to prevent future corrosion
4. Install Rivnuts.(tool not provided)
5. Install the bracket with the included screws. 3 Flat head screws go on the flat portion of the door. Two pan head screws go on the inner window with one washer per screw. 
6. Using the second set of holes from the right on each bracket, with a washer on each screw, mount the shower to the bracket. ****NOTE**** To ensure the awning is level, make sure you install the washer spacer provided on the lower screws and put a washer and locknut on the rear. Tighten all four screws and nuts. 

Installation is complete! Reassemble the shower body and you are good to go!

Does not include the shower tent. Can be purchased through Blue Ridge Overland Gear: