Van Electrical Installation Services

Our most used service is our electrical buildout service.

Typically between 1500-2000 for labor, We wire your van from front to back for 12v, 110v, DC to DC charging, shore power, solar, fans, AC units, 12v and usb connectors, fridge, water pumps, switches and anything else you may need.

31339429518_3c02a59498_bWe work with you to figure out where you would like items placed, the best layouts for your needs as well items required.

Typically all connections will be terminated appropriate butt, spade or terminal lug for the end user to install their lights, panels, etc (if not supplied).

Normal install takes about a week.

We supply the Ancor marine grade wire you need and terminals for your van for 1000.  This includes 0/1 primary wire, 8 ga solar, and fuse box crossover wires, 12 ga component wire, 16ga wire for lighting and speakers. In addition if required, stranded 12ga 110v wiring and up to three outlets and one switch (we typically wire one outlet on a switch for your hot water heater)

All wires are routed through conduit or rubber grommets when passing through metal, and all terminals are crimped per spec with heat shrink terminals always used.